Where to find Kimmy Cantrell


February 16-19 Coconut Grove Miami, FL
February 22-25 American Craft Council Baltimore, MD
March 10-12 Palm Beach Craft Show Palm Beach, FL
March 15-18 American Craft Council Atlanta, GA
April 13-15 Dogwood Arts Festival Atlanta, GA
April 26-29 One of a Kind Chicago, ILL
May 2-6 Jazzfest New Orleans, LA
May 11-13 Bethesda Fine Art Bethesda, MD
Jun 1-2 Rittenhouse Art Show Philidelphia, PA
July 20-22 Artscape Baltimore, MD
Aug 3-5 Uptown Minneapolis, MO
Aug 25-26 Palo Alto- Booth#529 Palo Alto, CA 529
Aug 31-Sept 3 Sausalito – Booth#125 Sausalito, CA 125
Sept 7-9 St Louis- Booth#639 St Louis, MO 639
Sept 14-16 Rittenhouse – Booth#24 Philadelphia, PA 24
Oct 5-14 Rio Grand Albequerque, NM
Nov 2-4 Philadelphia Museum Craft Show –  Booth#725 Philadelphia, PA 725
Nov 16-18 Richmond Craft Show – Booth#611 Richmond, VA 611
Dec 5-9 One of a Kind – Booth#6083 Chicago, IL 6083