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Kimmy Cantrell - 2017 Schedule


February 18-20 Coconut Grove Miami, FL  
February 23-26 American Craft Council Baltimore, MD #4009
March 10-12 Palm Beach Craft Show Palm Beach, FL #206
March 17-19 American Craft Council Atlanta, GA #118
April 7-9 Dogwood Arts Festival Atlanta, GA  
April 28-30 One of a Kind Chicago, ILL #6037
May 4-7 Jazzfest New Orleans, LA  
May 13 - 14 Bethesda Fine Art Bethesda, MD  
June  2 - 4 Rittenhouse Art Show Philadelphia, PA  
July 21-23 Artscape Baltimore Baltimore. MD  
Aug 26 - 27 Palo ALto At SHow Palo Alto, CA  
Sept 1 - 4 Sausalito Art Fest Sausalito, CA  
Sept 8-10 St Louis Art Festival St Louis, MO  
Nov 7-12 Philadelphia Museum Show Philadelphia, PA  
Dec 7-10 One of a Kind Art Show Chicago, Ill  

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